Moorfield AFC Team Christmas game 2018
Sponsored by Saint Flooring

Managed here by Tommy Kennedy and Ste Smith

Players from left to right:

Manager Tommy Kennedy with Linesman NAMETBA, Players under 21s, Daniel McDermott, Jack Hogkins, Joe Finney, Joey Duncan, Jay Turton, Callum Salmon, Harry Howarth, Louis O'Brien, Owen Heath, Terry Buck Captain,
Geoff Heaton, Matty Mullarkey,
Over 21s, Oliver Chance, Codi Salmon, Paul Chance, Keeper Andrew Lynskey, Brian Salmon, Del Mullarkey, Ste Mullarkey, Paul Mullarkey Alen Hesketh, Matty Pritchard, Alex Jeffrey, Adam White,
Jamie Donegan, Mark Donegan, Ben Price, Billy Jones and Manager Ste Smith.
Result 4-2 to the Over 21 side

Created By T Ruane 2018